“Gent.neration’ is a merge of 2 words: ‘Gentle’ & ‘Generation’.


An act of gentleness is an act of rebellion. 


On our own way, Gent.neration Collective is a take on ‘rebelling’ against the old but done with gentleness.


With a traditional, artisanal fashion accessory, we injected contemporary design considerations and refreshed it for today’s consumers to enjoy. We are a brand which design for people. Understanding the lifestyle and needs of our consumers allow us to develop essential products for stylish outfit ensembles.


Modern, consciously-designed & carefully-handcrafted
unlined neckties with accessible prices.




Gent.Co creates exceptionally crafted

pieces each season. With a clean, crisp and considered colour palette, our range of soft accessories bring an added hint of freshness to every occasion, carrying you effortlessly from day to night.

Created only in 100% natural fibres,

designed with modernity in mind, and

woven from yarns with curated colours and patterns authentic to Gent.Co. Only soft and lightweight blended high wool content interlinings are used.

Cut, folded, rolled and stitched all by hand. Handmade ties, unlike machine sewn ties, have looser stitches for stretch allowance. When worn, it creates a three-dimensional and natural, elegant drape.


Constructed only from the traditional 3-fold pattern, with modern and classic designs forefront in our creation. We design our fabrics in-house – from patterns and colours, to the size spacing of each motif and even the fabric weight. The ties you purchase and enjoy are a testament to the fine quality we adhere to.

Get To Know About Our Neckties


Due to the specific thinness of the necktie, it creates an elegant sized double four in hand tie knot.






We use only 100% natural materials with the right thickness for both the outer shell and interlining. Interlining is the soul of any good tie. Thus, a lot of attention is spent on pairing the right shell with the right interlining in order to achieve the best possible drape and knot.

The blades of each tie are skillfully rolled only by hand. This gives the tie a round, plump, elegant finish not achievable with a machine.

Striving to reduce wastage, all our ties are cut in the traditional 3-fold pattern, with a modern 8cm width. Each tie is folded 3 times to obtain a closed seam on the edge. Also, having it unlined allows you to see what’s going on inside. Without the extra layer of lining adding weight to the luscious fabric, the tie is lighter, airier and you can actually tie a really nice knot and a nice dimple with it.

Made in its self-fabric, the keeper loop gives you the option of tucking the tail through to keep it in place.

Each tie is cut 45 degrees on a bias and stitched by hand with just the right amount of tension by our craftsmen. This allows flexibility and room to stretch when you tie and untie the knot without ripping apart or pulling the fabric.

Ties are delicate and may disfigure easily ( if not given some TLC ).

Here are some tips for making your tie last.

1. Untying the knot

Instead of pulling the back blade through the knot, when removing your tie,

untie the knot by reversing the method used to tie it.

2. Storing the tie

For silk ties, we recommend draping or hanging them in storage, this makes it easier for light creases and easy wrinkles to fall out.

3. Cleaning the tie

If you accidentally stained your tie, blot the stain with cold water immediately before it sets into the fabric.

4. When travelling

When travelling with ties, 

try not to fold them, but

roll them up instead. After reaching your destination,

drape or hand them up.