Designers today are constantly finding ways to recycle and upcycle waste, especially in finding alternatives to synthetic plastics. Japanese designer Kosuke Araki, also an appreciator of food, took notice of the reality of the current food waste situation and decided to make a difference through conscious product design.

Kosuke Araki’s Anima collection features a series of tableware made and moulded from burnt food waste and boiled animal bones and skin. Urushi, a type of Japanese black lacquer was then used to coat the exterior, to give strength and a polished finish to the items.

Who would have thought, decomposed vegetables and animal bones could be turned into such beautiful and meaningful products.

The project is currently part of the exhibition Food Revolution 5.0 - Design for the Society of Tomorrow, held at Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin ( till September 30, 2018).

For more information of Kosuke Araki's works, visit here.

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